I have participated in the liberal arts of Indie film and Television shows. I have acted as a principle extra and roles with dialog. I have used my Playhouse along with other properties I own to shoot Indie films and videos. I have contributed to music scores for Indies films such as "Rocky Mountain Fast Guy" (post production). I have acted in the horror film "Big Top Evil" which is in post production.  I am currently finishing a sizzle reel for an upcoming show with Stacy Brown and others to be sold to Television network. I have done production assistance for Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" and had an episode filmed about The Sasquatch Hunters. As a life time local here in Sarasota Florida, I have also assisted in location and lodging along with connections in many fields of filming. So if you are looking for an actor in horror or the stereo-types such as Bikers, Thugs, Prisoners, ect. I am the man. And if you need assistance Production work on a Indie level or better, I can help in many ways. So quiet on the set and "Action"..!