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   I have been into searching for the truth of the unknown, abnormal, and cryptic ever since I saw seen the Patterson/Gimlin film of a Sasquatch, I have dedicated most of my time in researching the elusive creature! I don't believe it is real; I am convinced it is real. The massive amount of sightings and evidence has given me a chance to team up with current research Team, "CreatureMan Research,"  that consist of ex military, scientist, an ex NYPD forensic expert and excellent trackers with the updated equipment including night vision, thermal imaging, parabolic sound recording devices, DNA analysis equipment, trail cams and multiple night and day filming capabilities to find the elusive Sasquatch. I also have been privileged to assist on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot".  Our team is spread thru out Fla and thru out the country where we go deep into areas with our expeditions where sightings have been reported . It is long and time consuming but this team will bring forth the truth of this elusive creature, or part human.??

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