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    I was born in 1957  into a 5 generation musical family. By the age of 4, I was performing with my father on his local radio show playing classic country tunes but mostly Bluegrass songs along with my older brother. By the time the British invasion came to America, I had joined the ranks of the rock-n-roll era and all hell let loose in my world. I started with my older brother Wayne who was well known locally and state wide venues opening for the such Greats as The Allman Brothers, The Royal Gaurdsman and other national acts. From there I started working the stage from every thing from load ins and outs to lights and stage set up and eventually landed drum and guitar tech status. I got to do the last stage management for the late great "Toler Brothers" (formerly Allman Brothers/Greg Allman Band). I have done stage for the likes of many greats from Sevendust to The Fix and countless others. I presently play in numerous projects from Indie film scores to my own personal band ( B.S.Hoe ) and currently am the Lead guitarist and co-writer of Stacy Brown and The Big Bad Wolves and have just released our first album (self titled ) .  I am a music producer and currently working with my son's band "SCORCH" on their first album.                                                                                                               The purpose of this page is to assist those who seek help in the music life and need help locally from rehearsal space from Stee-Wee's Playhouse to a large network of the finest in musical instruments and amplification repairs, to sound and stage set up referrals. I can also offer my music talents to write music for jingles, soundtracks or just some lyrics you have. My Playhouse has a state of the art back-line and has recording capabilities in digital format. It is also filled with memorabilia and rock art for possible photo or video shoots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I have lived my life with hands on experiences and may be able to help the beginner with helpful hints and tips in this pressing music business with just a simple answer from a simple question. So climb on board and ask away and I will get r dun. .!!

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