Salutations to all ..!

   My name is Steven O. Stafford aka."Stevie Strings". I come from  5 generations of a musical family. I have worked all sides of the stage from playing on it to doing sound and lights and set up tours. I have worked with greats in the music Bizz from the "Allman Brothers" and their alumni to Lynyrd Synyrd, The Toler Brothers, Sevendust, Soil, the Fix, Ivan Moody, Sean Chambers, Johnny Winters and plenty of local Bands too. I also have been playing since I was 4 and play multiple instruments from guitars and bass to drums and keys with some harmonica. I am also a vocalist doing several music projects from movie soundtracks to playing with "Stacy Brown and the Big Bad Wolves". and my own band ( B.S.Hoe). I have opened for national acts from Rick Derringer to Psycho Stick ,Ratt, Tantric and many more.                  

   I am also an Indie and TV actor working in front and behind the camera. I have done several roles from horror to dramas and comedy.  I have done production assistance work for Animal Planets'Finding Bigfoot". I have also worked on playing music for the soundtracks to indie movies.      

   And last but not least I am a Sasquatch and Cryptic zoologist  in paranormal science. I have been a veteran Sasquatch Hunter with the greatest team known, Stacy Browns :Sasquatch Hunters". Mr. Brown has been featured on numerous television shows and along with David Lauer won the TV show "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" The research team consist of ex military, a scientist and experienced trackers and work with renown colleges, DNA labs, and Anthropologists. We also do Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape conferences thru out the country.

    "Stee-Wee Playhouse" is a site to promote, log, blog and to assist those in need of help in these subjects. I network with an array of the best in each category to help get your problems and questions resolved to the best of my abilities. I am also using this site to sell My music ventures and post my videos on each subject and blog in general about all the above and then some..Thank you for coming and visiting..!


Here are a few of the services we provide at Stee-Wee's Playhouse

  • Warehouse Rehearsal Rental

  • Sound & Lighting Referrals

  • Studio Recordings

  • Equipment Referrals & Repairs

  • Video Production

  • Video/Photo Shoot Location

tv & films

  • Movie roles

  • Production assistant

  • screen plays

  • soundtracks

  • video & film production

  • Directors network

sasquatch & cryptics

  • Research

  • conferences

  • analytics & scientific analysis

  • reports

  • tracking